Is ‘Aliens!’ the only Objection UFO Skeptics Have, or is Something Deeper Going On?

Let’s revisit the Chicago O’Hare UFO, because there’s an important lesson here that offers insight into professional UFO and “alien” skepticism.

It came to me as an epiphany of sorts, related to the debate Robert Schaeffer and I had last year about the O’Hare UFO. Once I understood it, it became clear how it applied to many in the skeptic community, which assures us that all of these crazy UFO sightings and stories have a perfectly good explanation.

Even though they all don’t …

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Author’s Note: These are the first few paragraphs of a story I published at Trail of the Saucers. The reason I’m excerpting it here is because, for technical reasons too difficult to explain, I don’t set that version to be emailed to subscribers. This one is, which is why some of you are seeing this now.





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