Is ‘Aliens!’ the only Objection UFO Skeptics Have, or is Something Deeper Going On?

Chicago’s O’Hare Airport was the scene of a remarkable UFO sighting in November 2006.

It came to me as an epiphany of sorts, related to the debate Robert Schaeffer and I had last year about the O’Hare UFO. Once I understood it, it became clear how it applied to many in the skeptic community, which assures us that all of these crazy UFO sightings and stories have a perfectly good explanation.

Even though they all don’t …

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Author’s Note: These are the first few paragraphs of a story I published at Trail of the Saucers. The reason I’m excerpting it here is because, for technical reasons too difficult to explain, I don’t set that version to be emailed to subscribers. This one is, which is why some of you are seeing this now.




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