Are you vaccine hesitant? That’s okay. But kitchen table ‘research’ is no substitute for listening to a genuine expert in virology

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You’re expecting this story to have something to do with vaccinations, and it actually does, but first I want to tell you a little about William Shakespeare …

My first encounter with Shakespeare’s plays was as a senior in high school when I was cast as Antipholus of Epheseus in The Comedy of Errors. Since then, I’ve seen it several times, which has led me to conclude that I probably wasn’t very good.

Since then, Shakespeare has been a significant part of my life. I’ve appeared in two more productions, King Lear and The Tempest. When you’re cast in a…

The famed Chicago film journalist represented the comfortable cohabitation of the Geek with the Intellectual

I’ve been thinking about Roger Ebert, the Pulitzer Prize-winning film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times who passed away in 2013. Settling into my still-early fifties inspires reflection on influences, and his go back to the late 1970s, when U.S. cinema was turning the corner from the occasionally thoughtful and subversive to basically the genesis of what we have now: spectacle and artifice.

Ebert and my love and appreciation for film are so inextricably bound up that I cannot think about one without the other. When great actor passes away — a Robert Mitchum or a Paul Newman — we remember…

Inside Outside

The famed neuroscientist and prolific author has stated in three podcasts, including his own, that the government wants his help breaking UAP truth to the public

Sam Harris is a neuroscientist, philosopher and public intellectual who has authored numerous books and is the host of the Making Sense podcast.

In recent weeks, the author and podcaster Sam Harris, in no fewer than three separate podcasts, has stated repeatedly and unambiguously that someone in or with connections to the U.S. government has personally reached out to him so that he can begin to wrap his brain around the fact that UFOs represent a non-human intelligence and think about how he might help prepare the public for that disclosure.

In more than thirty years as a working journalist, that’s not a sentence that I ever expected to write or even thought was within the realm of possibility, but here we are.

Think Different

It’s fun to imagine aliens making a dramatic Washington D.C. entrance. Asking why they don’t highlights a problem in the way we think about extraterrestrials.

Not even in 20th Century Fox’s 1951 science fiction classic ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still,’ directed by Robert Wise, did the alien make it to the White House lawn; he opted instead for the National Mall.

On Sunday, The New York Times published a guest essay online by Dr. Adam Frank, a professor of astrophysics at the University of Rochester who is active in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). Declaring himself to be unimpressed by the UFO phenomenon, Dr. Frank asks rhetorically:

“If we are being frequently visited by aliens, why don’t they just land on the White House lawn?”

That they have not done so is one of his “common-sense objections” to the theory that extraterrestrials are behind those pesky Tic Tacs and flying pyramids.

Let’s unpack this, the UFO/White House Lawn Gambit —…

Twilight of the Skeptics, Part II

The magazine’s Robert Sheaffer tries to debunk a pesky UAP sighting with a scientific theory of his own. It doesn’t go well.

This is the second article in an occasional series Trail of the Saucers is publishing this fall about Skeptical Inquirer magazine’s latest fusilade against anyone who dares entertain the hypothesis that non-human intelligence might be behind the UFO phenomenon. — The Editors

Skeptical Inquirer, the “magazine for science and reason,” put UFOs on the cover of the September/October issue under the banner of “UFOs (or UAPs) Hit the News.” …

Twilight of the Skeptics, Part I

Skeptical Inquirer ‘debunker’ Robert Sheaffer uses obfuscation and omission to dismiss an exhaustively documented UFO case.

This is the first article in an occasional series Trail of the Saucers will publish this fall looking at Skeptical Inquirer magazine’s latest fusilade against anyone who dares entertain the hypothesis that non-human intelligence might be behind the UFO phenomenon. — The Editors

Skeptical Inquirer, the “magazine for science and reason,” put UFOs on the cover of the September/October issue under the banner of “UFOs (or UAPs) Hit the News.” …


Members of Congress are reportedly ‘gobsmacked’ at 40 minutes of U.S. Navy footage. Why not let the public see ‘the good stuff,’ not just the grainy dots and specks?

This is not an image from classified government UAP footage. It sprung from the imagination of British artist Colin Price, who created a rendition that gives one an idea of what “the good stuff” seen by members of Congress and the National Security Council might look like on screen. Imagine how the global conversation about UFOs would change if footage showing this degree of scale, clarity and sheer UFO woo were made public. [Image used with permission]

After Congress was briefed on the classified portion of the Pentagon’s UAP report in June, D.C. power player and scientist Robert McGwier participated in a panel discussion on the Canadian UFO and paranormal radio program Spaced Out Radio and said he’d heard from an acquaintance in the closed-door session.

The briefing, he said, included the National Security Council and members of Congress — just how many of the latter, it wasn’t clear from McGwier’s off-air remarks during one of the show’s breaks, which are live-streamed on YouTube while radio listeners hear commercials. …

A Trail of the Saucers Investigation

Private emails published by Wikileaks — written by a former IT contractor and sent to Clinton/Obama insider John Podesta — refer to American tracking of UFOs arriving from ‘deep space.’

Chinese/Russian flag montage by Stellar

The recent U.S. government report on UAPs and comments from current and former intelligence officials repeatedly fall back on the refrain that those ‘Tic Tacs’ and other mysterious objects buzzing Navy warships may be advanced aircraft built by Russia or China.

They say that — but they know it’s not true.

In yet another example of a UFO puzzle piece hiding in full view and ignored by the mainstream media, emails published in 2016 by Wikileaks refer to regular tracking of UAPs that’s allegedly recorded them arriving from “deep space” and disappearing beneath the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of…

UFOs and History

Cold War-era physicist James E. McDonald argued that UFOs represented the most urgent scientific problem in history. Today’s Neil deGrasse Tyson is ‘fine’ with taking a pass.

Astrophysicist and science popularizer Neil deGrasse Tyson (left) takes a pass on UFO studies; physicist James E. McDonald got down in the weeds and came to believe that an extraterrestrial hypothesis was reasonable and should be pursued by other scientists. [Photo illustration by Bryce Zabel]

While the Pentagon and Congress hide behind the fig leaf of “national security” on UAPs, it would be refreshing to have a respected, credentialed scientist go on national television — or better, formally address Congress — and just come out and say what Christopher Mellon and Lue Elizondo clearly want to, but can’t or won’t: We’re not alone.

Alas, that already happened — more than half a century ago.

Ufology occupies an unusual, contradictory place in American culture. It’s a relatively young discipline that has more in common with journalism than with science. It continues to expand, drawing new talent…

Man Overboard

As reality intrudes, the cultural commentator and mathematician apologizes to the UFO community. Can pal Sam Harris be far behind?

Eric Weinstein has in the past heaped scorn on the UFO community. He still maintains some are “nutty,” but he now acknowledges there appears to be a “there” there.

While we wait to learn who did or didn’t call Sam Harris about UFOs to help prepare the public for disclosure, one of the cultural commentator’s fellow so-called ‘Dark Web’ colleagues and friends, Eric Weinstein, appears to have had a Damascus-style conversion.

On Twitter this weekend, the mathematician, podcaster and managing director of Thiel Capital, basically wrote what amounted to an apology to the UFO community for his skepticism on the topic and treatment of them. …

David Bates


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