Are you vaccine hesitant? That’s okay. But kitchen table ‘research’ is no substitute for listening to a genuine expert in virology

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You’re expecting this story to have something to do with vaccinations, and it actually does, but first I want to tell you a little about William Shakespeare …

My first encounter with Shakespeare’s plays was as a senior in high school when I was cast as Antipholus of Epheseus in…

The famed Chicago film journalist represented the comfortable cohabitation of the Geek with the Intellectual

I’ve been thinking about Roger Ebert, the Pulitzer Prize-winning film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times who passed away in 2013. Settling into my still-early fifties inspires reflection on influences, and his go back to the late 1970s, when U.S. …

Think Different

It’s fun to imagine aliens making a dramatic Washington D.C. entrance. Asking why they don’t highlights a problem in the way we think about extraterrestrials.

Not even in 20th Century Fox’s 1951 science fiction classic ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still,’ directed by Robert Wise, did the alien make it to the White House lawn; he opted instead for the National Mall.

On Sunday, The New York Times published a guest essay online by Dr. Adam Frank, a professor of astrophysics at the University of Rochester who is active in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). Declaring himself to be unimpressed by the UFO phenomenon, Dr. Frank asks rhetorically:

“If we are…


It’s been eight months since you interviewed Luis Elizondo. Since then he’s been pretty talkative. It’s time to follow up on this story.

CBS News’s flagship investigative program 60 Minutes, with reporting by Bill Whitaker (above), waded into UAP waters last May. It’s time to do a deep dive.

First, let me congratulate the team there at CBS on finally wading into the UFO waters last May with your report on the Phenomenon. Sure, you went with the more fashionable “UAP,” but those of us who follow this issue understand the acronyms. In any event, you put several credible…

2021 in Review

The UAP report was big. The Gillibrand initiative is huge. But does anyone recall what Mitt Romney told CNN’s Jake Tapper in June?

Sen. Mitt Romney (right) talked UFOs on CNN’s State of the Union on June 27, 2021. (Source: CNN/YouTube)

THE UFO SAGA UNFOLDING in the United States is so inexplicably weird, contradictory and groundbreaking that making an argument for what constitutes the year’s “top” UFO story on this beat offers the prognosticator broad latitude — and these year-end lists are arbitrary, anyway. There is no “right” answer.

That said…

Beat the Press

Journalists one day will look at the second half of 2021 and ask themselves: How did we not see it? Why didn’t we chase this?

Cristina Gomez is the host of the podcast ‘Shifting the Paradigm,” where she has interviewed some of the top names in ufology.

It’s easy to imagine potential “big picture” lines of historical inquiry in a post-Disclosure world — depending, of course, on what is actually disclosed.

The most obvious: What does the U.S. Government know, and for how long has it known it? …

Twilight of the Skeptics

The famed UFO debunker’s legacy was his 1983 acknowledgement that UFOs represented a genuine challenge to science, which he inadvertently spelled out in his ‘UFO Curse’…

Aviation journalist Philip J. Klass was the most influential UFO skeptic of the 20th century.

Ajournalist whose UFO skepticism was favorably quoted this year in Skeptical Inquirer came at me recently in the rough-and-tumble world of Twitter, and alas, before I even knew what was happening, the bastard nailed me with a UFO curse.

And not just any UFO curse, but the UFO curse ……

Our Future in Space (with No UFOS)

Given a chance to expand the discussion about the reality of UFOs, The Washington Post’s David Ignatius opts for banality.

The 2021 Ignatius Forum, illustrated by a meme.

The question that came to mind Wednesday night watching the National Cathedral’s Ignatius Forum on ‘Our Future in Space,’ a symposium that had promised some serious E.T. talk, was what the absolute fuck was that?

Granted, mine may be a minority opinion. As the masked audience started making their way…

Ignatius Forum 2021

Government officials have hinted all year that E.T. is already here, including NASA Administrator Bill Nelson. Now the spotlight turns to Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines.

National Director of Intelligence Avril Haines (left) and NASA Administrator Bill Nelson (right) will take questions Wednesday from the Washington Post columnist David Ignatius (middle) at the Washington National Cathedral. The program is available for live streaming by registering at the church’s website.

On Wednesday night a nationally recognized journalist from The Washington Post will have an opportunity to grill federal officials about the possibility that some advanced, non-human intelligence is behind what is colloquially known as the UFO phenomenon.

Spoiler alert: There will be no grilling. …

David Bates


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